The clinic, open to all needing medical assistance served over 10,000 patients in 2010. The Sister Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, manage the clinic, work as nurses and pharmacists as well as assist a local doctor and the many groups of medical volunteers who come to Maggotty. They conduct much needed home visits and provide teaching and encouragement to many who would otherwise be unable to obtain care. The building itself is a source of pride to both patients and inhabitants of the neighbouring districts. It was dedicated in 2009 and built with funds from an anonymous donor. It replaces the converted 20 ft by 8 ft shipping container which had been used as the clinic since 2002. The Sister Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus came to Jamaica and began their mission work in September 2004. Medications for the clinic cost an average of $5,000.00 US monthly. When a volunteer physician is available up to 400 patients are seen per week. Patients are expected to pay $300 JA dollars per visit.